As The Reagans Prepare To Sit Down For Family Dinner For The Last Time, Fans Are Latching Onto A Save Blue Bloods Campaign

Last Friday, CBS aired “The Heart of the Saturday Night,” an episode that ended with the traditional Reagan family dinner and a sweet moment with Jamie and Eddie revisiting their vows. It was the Season 14 spring finale and the show has already been canceled by CBS, meaning that in a typical situation, it would have been the last time we sat down with Frank Reagan and the rest of the family. This isn’t a typical situation though, as CBS has split the final season so more episodes will air next fall, when we will finally get that series finale. And fans are taking the extra time to try and plead with the Eye Network. 

What started as a bubbling brook has become a flood of comments from Blue Bloods fans likely spurred by the cast itself. Tom Selleck has made no secret of the fact he’s upset the Reagan family drama will be ending. Donnie Wahlberg, too has announced he’d like the show to run as long as it possibly can and fanned the flames CBS might change its mind.

In addition, a grassroots campaign has been spurred in recent months, with #SaveBlueBloods comments popping up on sites like X (Twitter) and Instagram and new fans latching onto the movement all the time. A petition has a reasonably large number of signatures and a steady stream of newcomers signing on a daily basis. 

Donnie Wahlberg’s recent posts on social media


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