Cancel The Cancel: How To Save ‘Blue Bloods’

The announcement by CBS to bring the curtain down on “Blue Bloods” has ignited a firestorm of outrage among its dedicated fanbase. Since the cancellation news, a groundswell of support has rallied around the long-running series, with fans and cast members alike imploring the network to reconsider its decision.

Here are four specific action items that we should all take to #SaveBlueBloods

  1. Sign the petition – Use an independent party to provide legitimacy to your pleas on social, which, unfortunately has a short shelf life.
  2. For any CBS posts, comment with #SaveBlueBloods – here is CBS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Paramount on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  3. Share any of ours or supporting content
  4. @SaveblueBloods on twitter is directing fans to send mail to Amy Reisenbach to reminder her that this is important for CBS to respect their fan base.

While such instances are rare, there have been precedents where network bosses have reversed course and renewed previously canceled shows in response to overwhelming fan demand. Supporters of “Blue Bloods” cling to this hope, drawing inspiration from the successful campaign that resurrected the series “S.W.A.T.” after its initial cancellation.

As the battle to save “Blue Bloods” rages on, one truth remains evident: the show’s devoted viewership wields a formidable power, one that CBS can afford to ignore only at its own peril. For a series that has captivated audiences for over a decade, the ultimate decision may very well rest in the hands of those who have faithfully embraced the Reagans as their own family.

Let’s channel our love for the Reagans to save “Blue Bloods.”