Fire Country Season 3: Everything We Know So Far!

In the world of primetime series, shows in the emergency response niche tend to do very well.

Every network has at least one show featuring firefighters, police, medical personnel, or the military.

Whether it’s ABC with the recently added 9-1-1, replacing the just-canceled series Station 19, FOX with 9-1-1: Lone Star, NBC’s Law & Order, and One Chicago franchises, or CBS with its slate of franchise shows like FBI, NCIS, and Fire Country.

If you haven’t heard, Fire Country has been so successful that it now has its own spinoff, set to air in 2025.

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Fans don’t have to worry that it will affect Fire Country, which is coming back for its third season. Bode and his band of inmate firefighters will return in the fall of 2024.

Here is everything we know about the renewed Fire Country series, now on its third — and hopefully not last — season.

Has Fire Country Been Renewed?

Amid the mass of canceled fan-favorite shows, like Station 19, Blue Bloods, and the recently uncanceled SWAT, fans have been concerned about the future of Bode and Fire Country.

Not to fear, Bode fans!

The CBS network released a press statement in March announcing the return of Fire Country for its third season.

The announcement occurred while the second season was halfway through its shortened stint.

How Did Fire Country Season 2 End?

The second season of Fire Country ended with Gabriela and Diego’s wedding going on. But we never saw if they went through with their vows.

Gabriela was giving Bode some forlorn looks. He left the wedding before he admitted his feelings to her.

He did the right thing, letting Gab decide if she wanted to change her mind without his interference.

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Bode’s future looks good now that he’s out of jail and gainfully employed. But we have to hope he’ll return to his legacy of firefighting rather than keep working in construction.

Fire Country Season 2 Episode 10 also left Jake’s future unclear. He thought about changing careers to become a fire inspector to appease Gene, who had already lost Cara.

But the twist of Bode’s new boss is the potential father of Gene could play a big role in what Jake does in the third season.

We also saw Manny voluntarily turn himself over to the police after he walked Gabriela down the aisle. After his suspicious disappearance in Fire Country Season 2 Episode 9, there was concern that he’d miss the wedding.

Vince is on the mend, and Sharon is reclaiming her old job.

What Will Fire Country Season 3 Be About?

There were several storylines left in the air that we should see resolved in the third season.

First, did Gabriela and Diego actually get married? We saw the wedding, but we never saw how it ended. Did Gabriela go through with it since Bode kept his feelings secret?

And what’s next for Bode now that he’s free from prison?

When the second season ended, he was working in construction. But we know he’s desperate to get back into firefighting.

Then there’s the fishy Luke. He was up to no good throughout the short second season. What will he do in the third season when Sharon takes her job back?

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We also need answers about Manny’s future. The season ended with him in the back of a cop car, confirming he understood his rights.

Will he get convicted of his charges and return to prison, taking Bode’s place at Three Rock as a firefighter inmate?

How Many Episodes Will Fire Country Season 3 Have?

Fire Country started its journey with 22 episodes for its freshman season. Due to the writers’ strikes in 2023, Fire Country started Season 2 late and had a truncated season of only ten episodes.

Thankfully, fans can expect the third season to return to its original format of a full 22-episode season.

Who Will Be in the Fire Country Season 3 Cast?

The third season of Fire Country will star some familiar faces, including series co-creator Max Theriot as Bode (Donovan) Leone, Diane Farr as Sharon, and Billy Burke as Vince.

Other returning cast members include:

  • Jules Latimer – Eve Edwards
  • Jordan Calloway – Jake Crawford
  • Stephanie Arcila – Gabriela Perez
  • Kevin Alejandro – Manny Perez
  • Rafael de la Fuente – Diego Moreno

We don’t yet know if we’ll see Morena Baccarin return as Sheriff Mickey Fox, Sharon’s sister.

What is Fire Country Season 3 Release Date?

There is no exact release date for Fire Country Season 3. But we know it will return to its original place in the fall lineup.

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Be sure to follow TV Fanatic to receive updates on the date and timeslot for Fire Country Season 3, coming in Fall 2024.

Is There a Trailer for Fire Country Season 3?

While there isn’t a trailer yet giving us a glimpse of what’s to come for its third season, Max Theriot did release a super short teaser announcing the news of Fire Country Season 3 to hold fans over until the fall.

We’ll update you with more trailers and promos as they come out.

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Where Can I Watch Fire Country Season 3?

Fire Country Season 1 aired on CBS, with next-day streaming on Paramount+, and continued with the same pattern for its second season.

As part of the CBS network, it will stay available through CBS and Paramount+, airing in its previous Friday night TV slot at 9 PM EST.

Fall will have a fantastic lineup of shows, including Fire Country.

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What do you hope to see happen in Fire Country’s junior year? 

What are your thoughts on how Fire Country Season 2 ended?

Leave your thoughts in the comments, and send this piece to your Fire Country fanatic friends!

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