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Will CBS regret canceling Blue Bloods? A risky move that could impact ad revenue

CBS’s decision to end the long-running police drama Blue Bloods after 14 seasons is potentially a risky move that could come back to haunt the network. The show’s ratings have remained stable over the years, it still maintains a dedicated and loyal core audience – the kind of viewers that are becoming increasingly valuable in today’s fragmented television landscape.

At its peak, Blue Bloods was a solid ratings performer for CBS, regularly drawing between 7 and 8 million viewers per episode. Even entering its final season, in a post-strike environment where most shows were challenged, it averaged 6 million viewers, making it one of the network’s most-watched scripted shows. Blue Bloods has dominated Fridays and has consistently beaten out both ABC and NBC combined in its timeslot since its initial debut. These impressive numbers, in an era of streaming and cord-cutting, underscore the show’s success on a traditional broadcast network like CBS.

CBS’s decision to cancel Blue Bloods is sure to incite multiple repercussions. First and foremost, the network risks losing a substantial portion of its loyal viewers. An unusually disproportionate amount of fans, who have been threatening online to leave CBS amidst the fan-favorite TV series cancellation this season. Blue Bloods has consistently attracted a steady and reliable audience and this core group is less likely to migrate to streaming platforms, meaning they are a valuable asset for traditional broadcast networks. By discontinuing a show that resonates so deeply with them, CBS might find it challenging to retain these viewers, who could turn to other networks or forms of entertainment.

CBS’ Blue Bloods decision risks a potential impact on its revenue, reputation

Blue Bloods has been a reliable performer in an increasingly competitive and uncertain television environment. While many shows struggle to maintain consistent viewership, Blue Bloods has remained a steady presence on CBS’s lineup for over a decade. Its longevity and dependability are assets that should not be underestimated, especially in an industry where hit shows are becoming rarer and harder to come by.

Blue Bloods

Maintaining Stability with Sponsors and Trust with Loyal Fans

CBS may want to reconsider and avoid a costly mistake. The network’s legacy and financial health could benefit greatly from keeping “Blue Bloods” on the air, continuing to cater to a loyal audience that values the unique blend of drama and procedural storytelling that the show provides. CBS should take a cue from successful revivals of “True Detective” and “Law & Order,” demonstrating that investing in popular, long-running series can pay off. Re-evaluating this decision could help CBS maintain its reputation for stability, reliability, and loyalty to its fan base while ensuring the continued success of a beloved series.

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  1. Not even a second thought…CBS PRESIDENT AMY REISENBACH follows through and cancels Blue Bloods I’m done with CBS and will cancel my Paramount + subscription!

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